Work Wear Friday - April 6, 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018
Happy Friday!! Or should I say Fri-yay. Today is happy for multiple reasons, I'll explain why in a minute.

For now, here's this weeks lineup: 

So, happy things. First, I'm thankful for my job because Oliver got neutered yesterday and I will be working from home to be with him today while he recovers. He is on pain meds and a sedative so he's pretty loopy, but it keeps him from hurting himself so that's a plus. You see he's missing Thursday, but has his lovely cone on today. I don't feel like my pictures are complete without him. 

Second, I'm so excited for the first Spotlight Saturday post tomorrow because I think that feature is going to be really fun for me to do and will not only teach me new things, but you guys as well. I love  finding other bloggers to follow, so here's a chance for you to, too. 

And finally, the new site change over. I'm moving my site from Blogger to and I'm really looking forward to sharing all of the work I've put into the site design and layout over the last few weeks. It's been QUITE the process, let me tell you. But it will be well worth it because I think it looks a lot better and has more to offer for you guys. 

I'm doing self-hosted and I decided to go through SiteGround per the recommendation of Ell DuClos. It was definitely a great choice because I've had so many issues during this process and they have been SO helpful. I literally am now on a first name basis with their IT department.

I also fully intend on posting the hair tutorial on Monday for everyone that keeps asking how I did my hair last week!!

My sweaters from Tuesday and Wednesday are BOTH on sale right now!! And I'm still obsessing over these leopard loafers. They're so comfortable and go with everything. I'd probably wear this Patagonia vest every day if I could because it's so warm. I used to hate vests, and still am not a big fan of most, but I just love this one. 

I'm dubbing this week "Winter in Spring" because it was in the 30s all week minus Thursday where it was 60 and beautiful. It's actually supposed to snow again this weekend. Kansas...

My sweaters from Tuesday and Wednesday are BOTH on sale right now!! And I'm still obsessing over these leopard loafers. They're so comfortable and go with everything. I'd probably wear this Patagonia vest every day if I could because it's so warm. I used to hate vests, and still am not a big fan of most, but I just love this one. 

On a comfort note, this bralette is extremely comfortable and is so cute under such a variety of things. I loved it under my off-the-shoulder sweater with the lace-up back detail. Normally I wear a lace-backed bra with it, but since that's a little much for work I decided to do this instead as I can keep it covered with my hair.

Today's outfit is also focused on comfort as I'm working from home. I got this Lululemon pullover brand new with tags still on it from eBay for about 60% off. And when I say I don't want to change out of sweats, these are the ones I mean. These joggers are so extremely comfortable I wish I could live in them. I do, on the weekends. 

Is anyone doing anything fun this weekend??


10 Best Things About The Apple Watch

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Watch // Band // Jeans // Shoes

For our one year anniversary, Jake got me an Apple Watch since he knew I had been wanting one for a while. Sneaky, clever man..listening to me and making mental notes.

I had been wanting one honestly because so many people I work with have one, and they seemed super handy. I will admit I hadn't done much research before I got mine, I just knew a few things they did that were helpful when you didn't have your phone in your hand. I fell into the consumerism trap, but I also fell in love with this wonderful little piece of technology. I've come up with a list of the top 10 reasons I've come to love this thing more than I did when I first got it, as I've really discovered just how handy it is!

  1. It tries to keep me healthy. It has an activity tracker that tells me to stand up once an hour (which is good since I sit at a computer all day), it keeps track of my steps and how many minutes I exercise a day.
  2. It checks and records my heart rate. This might not be a big deal for most people, but I actually have a heart condition called Tachycardia, meaning my heart rate is higher than most peoples. The watch is like a constant heart rate monitor and keeps track of the ups and downs which is very nice for me to be aware of.
  3. I can talk on the phone hands free. Since my car doesn't have bluetooth, normally I shove my phone in my bra to talk while I drive and that is not always easy (or possible with sweaters). Having the watch let's me talk hands free very easily, and I can answer on my watch and don't have to distractedly dig for my phone. Huge bonus. Side note, the picture is taken in my bosses car because he lets me drive it and it looks a lot nicer than mine!
  4. The faces and bands are changeable! Do you ever get sick of looking at the same thing all the time? You can change and customize both the face of the watch as well as the band that wraps around your wrist. Color coordinate, anyone? I got this band to have a change from the one it came with, and also got this one
  5. Convenience. It's just overall convenient. I can do pretty much everything on my watch that I can do on my phone. I can check instagram, twitter, I can text (verbally), get all notifications and updates. E.A.S.Y.
  6. It's water resistant. Sometimes I forget to take it off when I get in the shower. It doesn't get effected. It actually has this cool feature that expels water, if needed.
  7. Calendar notifications. Sometimes I'm away from my desk and don't have my phone in my face. My calendar notifications pop up on my watch 10 minutes before any event which is really helpful so I'm not late for any calls or meetings.
  8. Use your watch as a flashlight. When I get up in the middle of the night, this really comes in handy.
  9. Apple Pay. You don't need your phone, just use your watch!
  10. Find your phone. I saved the best for last. You can ping your phone if you can't find it. It's so handy, you don't realize how often you put down your phone and can't find it.
I don't think I can recommend it enough. I'm a huge Apple fan and always have been. Here's proof of how awesome it is: Jake has had android for a few years and has always talked smack to me about my iPhone. As soon as I got my watch and my iPhone 8+, we literally went back out that same day and got him one because he liked mine so much. HA.

What is your favorite feature of your Apple Watch?? 



Stitch Fix Review #8

Monday, April 2, 2018

This latest Stitch Fix box was full of some great Spring pieces! I actually had a to pick between the pieces to get because I liked so many. My last few boxes only had 1 piece in them I liked and this one had 3! So we're getting better!

Work Wear Friday - March 30, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018

22 Trendy and Affordable One-Piece Swimsuits

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
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