The Ring Boxes Review #2

Monday, March 12, 2018

I already got my second Ring Box package in the mail and this one was definitely a step up from last time! There was less in it this time, but I think that has to do with the value of the products they included.

Last time, I wasn't 100% sold on this subscription. But since it was a gift, it's easier to accept. I just want to make sure any of you guys that get it are fully satisfied with the quality of what you're getting!

That being said, I'm happy to say I felt the quality was better this time and I really liked what I got. I felt it hit closer to being worth $40 for all of it. Let's see what all came:

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The list of what's included

This month's recipes

Rose Gold Diamond Stud Earrings - $50

Mrs. Stemless Champagne Flute - $9.99

Racerback Tank - $19.99

Peppermint Lavender Lip Balm - $4.00

Racerback Tank // Peppermint Lavender Lip Balm // Mrs. Stemless Champagne Flute // Rose Gold Diamond Stud Earrings // Diamond Cake Toppers

I really like the racerback, it's cute and I can always use more workout shirts. I feel like I should get a little organizer to keep all of my new recipes in. I haven't gotten to try them out yet but they seem like they'll be great.

I also love the champagne flute, but I do wish they had sent a matching set. What will I do with 1 after all?

The earrings are a little off-color, as you can see in the picture the center stone isn't nearly as shiny on the right one.

I can always use more lip balm, and this one smells great. And I like the little cake toppers, I will take them home with me for my bridal shower in August.

Overall, I do think this one was better than the last one. Fewer things but a little nicer in terms of quality. I found some similar pieces and listed them for you below!


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